Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Son, My Angel. Happy 8th Birthday Ty William

I was just going through all my Ty stuff and came across this and wanted to add it to my Blog, that I have not used or posted on in forever!!!! This is what I asked my sister in law, Nicole, read for me at Ty's funeral. Dear Ty With Love From Your Mommy I carried you with so much hope, for more than five months of my term, Often felt you kick and move as slowly you grew within me, Wondered what you would look like, and at what happy moment I would hear your first cry. And your daddy and I welcoming you with all you needed of warmth and food; We had a home waiting for you. After my strong laborings and my small cries merging with the spring air, you came. You did not cry...but tried with all your tiny might to take a breath. We had not expected this. It seems your birth had no meaning, or had you rejected us? Some may say that you did not live, but you lived briefly in our arms and you lived for me all that time in the dark chamber of my womb, and when I think of you now, perfect in your passing, I know that for me you are born, I shall carry you with me forever, my child. You were always mine, you are mine now. Death and life are the same mysteries. Instead of good-bye, I will say "See you again, son, when my time on earth is done".

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